I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck in late April. I am very very very nervous about this. Oh lord, I hope and pray all go well with a very successful surgery and hopefully not too painful recovery, but a positive outcome. I actually got my breast enhanced about 5 years ago, so I do know the possible risks there are. I am still scared as sh–. Especially thinking about Donda West, Kanye West’s mother bless her soul, after getting a tummy tuck and breast reduction. I searched the web to find out more about risks and deaths resulting from tummy tucks. I seen some stories that were so sad and touching. Of course, I want it done but anything could happen. I don’t want to die, this really is scary. I still have so much stuff I must do. I am starting to get discourage, but will pray on it. I did get a little motivation after reading your successful story and feel glad for you. Hope mine is the same. Stay blessed!