The average cost of Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) in the U.S. is between $3,000 and $10,000.

Costs vary due to patient health, geographical location, which surgeon you use, the operating facility and other factors.


Mine Cost Me $11,200

 Paying For A Tummy Tuck

It’s an elective plastic surgery and is usually not covered by insurance, therefore it is an “out of the pocket” expense. Paying for the operation can be handled in a number of ways. Some surgeons demand full payment before they perform the surgery. Others offer special financing and payment plans providing affordable procedures for their patients. Other options to pay include paying with a credit card or financing through a financial institution.

Total Cost Of A Tummy Tuck

The total cost of the operation includes the anesthesia fee, the fee for the operating room, the surgeon’s fee as well as all of the non-surgical expensed you will incur such as lab work fees, post-operative recovery materials, doctor’s fees and more (see table). The surgeon’s fee, may vary widely and is based upon the complexity of the surgery and the surgeon’s experience. The average cost of in the U.S. is between $3,000 and $10,000.

The complexity of the procedure is often based upon what type of surgery (mini, full, fleur de lis) you have performed and if you need liposuction or other surgical procedures such as thigh lifts or breast surgery. The more complex the surgery, the higher the cost.

It should be noted that the surgeons fee is one of the major factors in the high cost of the surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons with experience in this type of procedure are in high demand and the more in demand a surgeon is, the higher the cost will be. Selecting a good surgeon, however, is crucial to a good results.

Something important to consider: Sometimes complications occur. Complications may not be covered by insurance or any reconstructive surgery to repair the damage. Check it out beforehand.

These are the costs that I paid for a tummy tuck with lateral thigh lift in Central Florida. The fees and prices cover my entire costs including pre-operation, surgery and post-operation recovery periods. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding typical costs is also provided.


Consultation fee$25
Tummy Tuck & Lateral Thigh Lift$11,200*
Home health care nurse$384
Medical supplies$20
Medical clearance doctor visit$50
Blood tests (lab test) fees$25
Taxi service for two follow-up visits$50
TOTAL COST     $11,794

*Tummy Tuck and Lateral Thigh Lift Price as of Dec. 2007: ($10,000 for the doctors fee and $1200 for the anesthesia fee) Doctors fee included facility and support personnel. Note: I was surprised to find that they required payment in full prior to the operation. They also require a $500 deposit when they scheduled the operation. Good thing they took Amex.


  1. How much does a Tummy Tuck Cost?
    They cost a lot of money. The cost varies with patient health, geographical location, which surgeon you use, the operating facility and other factors. The average cost is between $3,000 to $10,000 in the United States.
  2. What are the hidden costs associated with a Tummy Tuck operation?
    The cost includes lab work, pre and post-operative check-ups, visits to family doctor to get “approval for surgery”, medicines, post-operative garments, home health care support if you live alone, transportation costs after surgery since you won’t be able to drive, and possible loss of pay from work.
  3. Is financing available for a Tummy Tuck?
    Sometimes. Depends on your surgeon or financial institution. One option you may be able to use is financing with your credit card.
  4. Can it be paid for in installments?
    Sometimes. Depends on your surgeon, financial institution or credit card.
  5. Do I have to make full payment up front?
    I had to, but that is not necessarily the case. Many surgeons offer financing or payment plans. Others will accept credit cards.
  6. Does Insurance cover Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost?
    The cost is not usually covered by insurance. A portion of the cost may be covered if there is a valid medical reason. Check your policy to be sure if the cost of your surgery is covered.
  7. How much would the anesthesia cost?
    My cost of for anesthesia fee was $1,200. Anesthesia fees are usually pretty standard and easy to estimate compared to the surgeon’s fee.
  8. If I cancel my surgery will my money be refunded?
    Depends on your reasons and your surgeons policies.
  9. Can I pay with my credit card?
    I did. Many surgeons accept credit cards to pay for surgery.
  10. What is the cost for a Tummy Tuck in my city?
    Procedures cost more in one city than another. I know of no central database that has lists the costs by city. You will generally have to go for a consultation with a surgeon in your city to find out.
  11. How much does a Mini Tummy Tuck cost?
    A min, sometimes called a partial abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat from the area below the navel and is less expensive than a full procedure which removes skin and fat from the entire abdominal area (above and below the navel). The mini is popular for women looking to return to pre-pregnancy abdominal firmness. The average cost of a mini is about $3,000.
  12. Would a Tummy Tuck cost more for a man or a women?
    The cost is basically the same for a male TT or a female TT.
  13. Is there such a thing as a Low Cost Tummy Tuck?
    A low cost TT sounds like a scary thing and is something I would be extremely wary about. You get what you pay for .
  14. Where can I find an affordable Tummy Tuck?
    Affordable means different things to different people. If the cost is a big factor in your decision to get one or not, start off by doing all you can to get healthy, fit and down to your ideal weight. The less work the surgeon has to do, the less the overall cost and impact to your body. Once you are prime condition then start shopping around for a bargain just like you would for anything else. Costs vary from city to city and from state to state. Just remember to check out your surgeon and facility thoroughly.
  15. What is the cost of an Abdominoplasty?
    Abdominoplasty cost is $5,263 (national average in 2006). Figure is for physician/surgeon fees only and do not include fees for the surgical facility, anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, surgical garments, or other miscellaneous costs related to surgery. Source: The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for statistical data.
  16. Why does an abdominoplasty cost so much?
    It costs so much because it is a specialized and complex medical procedure involving highly educated and skilled medical professionals, the latest technology and modern medical facilities. Adding to the overall cost are the consultation fees, prescriptions, home health care nurse (if needed), medical supplies, medical clearance doctor visit, blood tests (lab test) fees and transportation costs.
  17. Is the average cost of surgery cheaper in other countries?
    Costs are cheaper in many countries outside of the United States. See table. Keep in mind that the cost of surgery varies with the kind of problem, type and complexity of the procedure and the health of the patient.
  18. Does a partial abdominoplasty cost less?
    Yes. A partial abdominoplasty would cost less that a full abdominoplasty because it is a less complex surgery that does not involve relocation of the belly button.

Tummy Tuck Cost Comparison Abroad

Country2008 ($US)*
South Africa$6,120
*includes hospital and doctors’ fees

Comments & Questions

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August 21, 2010
I had mine done in Bolivia and I paid 2690$. I went through MakeoverTravel a medical tourism group. The cost of my surgery was 2690$ but this a cost not for only the surgery but for a full all inclusive package that’s why it’s a very affordable price (The Surgical Procedure, medical team fees, clinic fees, stay at the clinic, 12 days in a very nice hotel, the complete hematology/blood tests before surgery, the implants, all the pre and Post-Operative Consultations, the transportation with a bilingual assistant who accompany you everywhere).

I found this company as I searched online for “top plastic surgeons in South America at affordable cost”.

I highly recommend this company. The entire staff has been so supportive, kind, available and responsive. This surgery has given me a newfound confidence, and I am thrilled to report that I actually wore only bikinis on my summer vacation at the beach for the first time in my life! ;-))) In Bolivia I found amazing professionals with unparalleled skills;; they operated with an artistic eye, a skilled hand and a warm heart. That’s all I needed and my results speak for themelves.


August 21, 2010
If I pay cash for all, would that be cheaper? Thanks,


Response – Henna,

That would depend on the individual doctor that you choose. I suspect that some would not take cash for payment. Others may only be too happy to.

Best regards,


July 19, 2010
I want to have one done in the United states.  I do not have credit card nor insurance and will prefer to pay cash before the surgery.  What is the total cost? Please advise asap. Thanks.


Response – Nene

A few years ago the average cost in the U.S. was between $3,000 and $10,000 ($3,000 sounds a little on the cheap side to me).

I doubt that anybody will be able to tell you how one costs without you going in for a specific examination and consultation. Costs vary quite a bit because of the patient’s health, geographical location, which surgeon you use, his popularity and how “in demand” he is, the operating facility and many other factors.

Since I don’t know what country you are in or the specifics of your situation there is not much I can tell you about costs. I do know that you may face additional challenges because you don’t have a credit card or insurance (especially a credit card). I’m not sure how many surgeons deal on a “cash basis” only.

You might want to try the following:
– See if your family doctor can give you advice on how to proceed.
– Try to find other people in your area who have had a tummy tuck in the United States and ask them about their experiences and costs.
– Search the online tummy tuck forums and ask your questions there looking for other people with similar experiences.
– Visit the websites of U.S. surgeons and tell them your situation and ask them how to proceed.
– If you do have a one in the United States I would plan on spending enough time here for you to recover sufficiently before you go home. “How much time” would be one of the questions that I would ask the specific surgeons during your research.

You have a lot of planning and research to do. Good luck.

Best regards,


July 21, 2010
Thanks so much; this is very helpful.