My personal experience with pain following my surgery was surprising, even to my surgeon.

I had no pain whatsoever. I was provided with a 2 day supply of pain pills for immediately after the surgery. I took the pills as directed but I think I could have done without them. I encountered no real pain throughout my entire surgery and recovery. The only thing that I felt was a numb feeling throughout my midsection which lasted for many months.

Pain After A Tummy Tuck

Before I began my tummy tuck experience, I did a lot of research into what type of pain and discomfort level I could expect. I read many horror stories about the excruciating pain associated with surgery and I figured that I would just have to “tough it out” if I wanted to give rid of the sagging skin around might mid-section. I was also counting on the medications that the doctor would provide me.

Since I was not only going to have a tummy tuck but a body lift as well, I could expect pain on all sides of my body in my mid-section area. I anticipated sleepless nights thinking that no matter what position I slept in, I would be laying on a surgical wound area.

To my surprise, anticipation was far worse than reality. in fact, I had no actual pain associated with my operation, from when I awoke in the recovery room through completion of the healing process. I did had some discomfort, but it was hardly worth mentioning. It consisted mostly of a tightness feeling and numbness around my mid section.


My doctor did give me two days worth of pain medication which I took as directed. The two prescriptions that I received were for Keflex 500mg an antibiotic (20 pills) and Mepergan Fortis for pain (40 pills). Valium is sometimes given to for relaxation and a sleep aid.

If I did have any pain in those two days, that medication did its job without making me feel sluggish or dizzy. I felt clearheaded and “normal” while on the medication. After the medication ran out, I felt the same as when I was on it.


At each of my follow-up visits with the surgeon I informed him of my discomfort level. He was amazed and said that most patients experience some discomfort. Some more than others.

I believe that my good health, physical condition and preparations that I did before my surgery helped me a lot. These included..

  • Losing weight, eating only healthy foods and following a strict diet.

  • Taking daily supplements and vitamins.

  • Exercising every day, including weight lifting.

My suggestion to someone who anticipates undergoing abdominoplasty surgery or body left surgery is to get into the best health and physical condition you can before the operation.

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Pain 2 Weeks After Abdominoplasty

April 07, 2011
Pain 2 weeks after TT. Sharon

Response – Sharon, Sorry for the delay in responding to you. My computer’s hard drive went belly up and it took me a little while to recover from it. Some pain after a TT is expected, but you don’t say anything about the intensity or location of your pain. Since it has only been two weeks, I would think that your are going to scheduled follow-up visits with your surgeon. I am sure he/she will address your pain concerns. Good luck.


Tummy Tuck Pain

August 27, 2010
It’s almost three weeks since I have my TT and liposuction along with a breast augmentation the recovery for the bust augmentation It was okay, but, the recovery for the TT it was a different story, the first two weeks it was so painful, that my husband had to take care of me the whole first week day and night, “thanks god” that he is retired from his job, other way he can be kind of sleepy on his job. the second week I have to managed to take care of myself, because he was tired of me, ringing the bell every time I have to go to the bathroom and not to be able to move my body… you see every single movement It was a pain even do I was taking the medications. to me It was something that has to be done, with my body, and for almost two years I was saving money for the operation. I was so disgusted every time I see myself in the mirror with the tummy. that I decided to go ahead with the surgery and I think the it was worthy all the pain, and money I spend. I did that, after finding the right pl, with his credentials, because after all is your life and health you putting in risk, after several consultations with some others doctors finally I found my Dr. thank-you Dr. Efrain Gonzalez for been so patient with me “you are the best surgeon”.

Response – Belem, I am sorry to hear that your tummy tuck was so painful for the first two weeks. After I had mine, I had numbness but no pain and was able to move about easily but slowly the day after surgery. I am curious about your pain and wonder if you would mind answering the following questions.

1. Did you have numbness around the incision area?
2. Where was the pain located? Did you have pain when you touched the incision area? Deep inside you beneath the incision area? Your whole body?
3. Did the pain make it hard to sleep? What pain medications were you taking?
4. Did you have more pain when you moved or was it present all the time?

Since I did not have liposuction, I wonder if it contributed to your level of pain? I hope you are over the worst of it and are feeling better. Good luck with the rest of your recovery. Buy the way – I looked up your doctor, Dr. Gonzalez, on the internet. It must have given you a good warm feeling knowing that he was named one of “American best physicians” two years in a row along with his other credentials. Best regards, Tanner



  1. How much pain is there with a Tummy Tuck?
    This varies greatly depending on who you listen to. I had an abdominoplasty and a Lateral Thigh Lift (where they cut around my entire body) and throughout the entire experience I HAD NO PAIN and little if any discomfort. I was provided with enough pain medications for only 2 days, but I doubt that I even needed that. For the typical procedure they say that you would most likely have some discomfort and some pain (controllable with medications) for the first few days. Some patients just take regular non-prescription Tylenol for comfort after surgery. Valium is sometimes given to some patients for relaxation and as a sleep aid. Unless there are some other type of problems or complications that should be about it.

  2. What pain medicines do they use after abdominoplasty surgery?
    The two prescriptions that I received were for Keflex 500mg an antibiotic (20 pills) and Mepergan Fortis for pain (40 pills). Valium is sometimes given to for relaxation and a sleep aid.