List of tips to help you get through your tummy tuck including how to prepare for surgery, what to expect before and after the operation and how to speed the recovery process.


How To Lose Weight Before A Tummy Tuck

  1. Healthy Foods Only (No more fast foods)
    Eating only healthy foods. For over three years I ate only the following healthy foods (well almost only). Fish (salmon and tuna), skinless chicken breast, broccoli, egg beaters with tofu omelet, onions, salad, carrots, Alba diet shake made with fat free dry milk, fat free Jello, 6 cups coffee, Coffeemate, Splenda/Equal sweeteners, fat free or low fat yogurt, oatmeal with vanilla flavored protein powder, grapefruit, apple.
  2. Keep a written log of what you eat and count calories, proteins and fats.
    This will keep you aware and make your guilty conscience kick in when you fall of the diet.
  3. Eat Bland Food Only
    If it tastes good you will eat more. Don’t want that. Eat for the nutrition, not the taste.
  4. Eat a Big Breakfast
    Big breakfast in the morning and smaller meals spaced evenly throughout the day will give you the energy to keep going.
  5. Don’t Feel Full
    If you eat enough to “feel full” you will probably will just want to go take a nap.

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Tips For Preparing For Surgery

  1. Shower the morning of surgery.
  2. Brushing teeth is permitted the morning of surgery, rinse and spit, do not swallow water.
  3. Call the morning of your surgery to verify appointment time (in case of surgeon delays)
  4. Bring a current list of medications that you take regularly.
  5. Bring guardianship papers if applicable.
  6. Bring hearing aids if applicable.
  7. Bring identification with picture to surgery.
  8. Bring reading glasses if needed.

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Tips For Preparing Your House For A Tummy Tuck

  1. At home, pre-stage anything you may need within arms reach so that you have no need stretch, reach or bend.
  2. Close your bedroom window drapes or blinds to darken the room so you can rest easier.
  3. Position a flash light on your nightstand.
  4. Have a hand mirror nearby. You may want to check out your sutures while in bed.
  5. Have a laptop computer or paper and pencil on hand if you are want to surf the net or document your post-operative thoughts in writing.
  6. Have a night light to illuminate your way to the restroom for night visits.
  7. Have a pail, paper towels and moist towelettes and plastic trash bags with tops that tie at your bedside and on the ride home. (to clean up messes).

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Tips For Recovering After A Tummy Tuck

  1. Wear your compression garment – all the time.
  2. Follow you doctors post operation instructions – all the time.
  3. Get up and walk as soon as you can to speed your recovery and reduce the chance of clotting.
  4. After you have your tummy tuck, if you eat a large meal you will feel full faster.
  5. Don’t lie or fudge on your surgical drain measurements in the hope of getting them removed faster. Drains that are taken out too soon may have to be put back in again (new drains that is).
  6. After surgery don’t expect to jump on the scale and see how much weight in skin was removed. If you do you will find that you actually gained weight from all the fluid retention and swelling that you have.



Tips for Sleeping After A Tummy Tuck

  1. Have pillows alongside you in bed.
  2. Elevate your head and legs.
  3. If you are used to sleeping on your sides, trick you mind by wedging pillows alongside you to position your body at a slight angle (half on your side and half on your back).
  4. If you can’t sleep in bed try sleeping in a recliner will pillows under your legs and knees.
  5. A very light massage may help.
  6. Try foam pillows or special contoured pillows and supports.
  7. Distract your mind. Sleep to some type of background noise such as music, TV, soothing sounds or some other type of white noise.

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  1. Heal Scars By Keeping Your Wound Clean
  2. Heal Scars By Keeping Your Wound Covered
  3. Heal Scars By Applying Neosporin To Your Wound
  1. Heal Scars By Moisturizing The Scar Regularly
  2. Heal Scars By Not Exposing The Scar To Sunlight




Tips for Emptying Surgical Drains

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands, dry and put on a pair of surgical gloves.
  2. Position the surgical drain bulb lower than the wound area. This will help prevent fluid from draining back into the wound when you open the plug and break the suction of the bulb.
  3. Do not touch the tip of the spout or the plug. These are access points for germs to enter your body.
  4. If you cannot read the level of fluid collected on the bulbs exterior surface, carefully pour the fluid from the bulb into a measuring container to obtain an accurate reading.

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Tips To Reduce Tummy Tuck Swelling

  1. Reduce swelling by resting and sleeping in a reclining position with your head and legs elevated for at least 2 weeks after surgery.
  2. Reduce swelling by sleeping on your back and not on your side.
  3. Reduce swelling by avoiding salt in your diet.
  4. Reduce swelling by wearing a compression garment.

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