Ask yourself “why get a tummy tuck?” Everybody has their own reasons. The big question being, is the reason good enough to justify the time, cost and risk involved with the operation.

Losing over 150 pounds leaves you with excess belly skin.



  1. To remove sagging skin from weight loss. The author’s personal reason.

  2. To have a reward. It was hard. For over two years I exercised daily, ate only nutritional foods and lost over 150 pounds. (See how I lost weight). What I ended up with is sagging belly skin hanging over my belt. Not much of a reward from all that hard work and discipline. My health was greatly improved and I felt fine from losing all that weight but the “appearance” results was disappointing. I was darned if I was going to leave it that way.

  3. To remove my tummy pouch and give me a flatter stomach. Tummy pouches and extra fat or skin around the stomach that won’t go away with diet exercise is a common problem. Having a Tummy Tuck will give you a flatter, tighter and more contoured stomach. As long as you don’t gain more weight later.

  4. Embarrassment about the way I look. Embarrassment is a strong motivation for having the operation. Embarrassment about the way you look in a bathing suit, underwear, clothing or just standing in front of the mirror can lead to thoughts of a Tummy Tuck.

  5. To remove my stretch marks. Getting rid of stretch marks is of great concern to many women. Some stretch marks can be lessened by laser and non surgical treatments.

  6. To improve the way I look in a bathing suit. Both men and women want to look good in a bathing suit. You can’t do that with a bulging tummy. A TT will make your stomach look flatter while hiding the scars below the swimsuit line.

  7. My reason is to gain self confidence and self image. Self confidence and self image is what a TT is all about.

  8. My reason is to look and feel younger. Having one will give you a sleeker appearance. You will feel better about yourself and “feel younger”. You may even have more spring in your step.

  9. My reason is to look better in clothing. Self explanatory.

  10. My reason is for sex and dating. This is a driving force for younger people wanting to have a Tummy Tuck (and yes even older people).



It’s a surgical procedure that removes excess skin, fat cells and tightens muscles. It is not a weight loss method.