I am dreaming of having a Tummy Tuck since my abdomen looks as that of a pregnant women. After having two children, my perfect slim tummy became that of an 8 months pregnant lady. I haven’t had sex for nearly a year. This is taking all my confidence away. I feel really embarrassed of having sex. I have a beautiful body except my tummy, a side 12 on a side 18 waste. I would like to know what are the risks of dying during Tummy Tuck. I am particularly scared of Aorta been accidentally burst during surgery. Can you please tell me what are death rates and risks? Thanks.



Date: 03/10/2010 Submitted by: Tanner


Before I had my tummy tuck I spent hours on the internet trying to find out what the official statistics were for deaths and complications associated with tummy tuck surgery. I didn’t have much luck. I even asked my plastic surgeon about it, but he could not (or would not) give me a clear cut answer. He basically told me the same thing as I wrote in Tummy Tuck Complications and Risks. From what I understand, one of the biggest risks associated with tummy tucks or from any type of serious surgery is from the anesthesia. The LA Times had a good article on it. It can be found here.

http://articles.latimes.com/2007/nov/19/news/He-closer19 Burst Aorta?

Out of curiosity I did a quick search for “aorta ” & “tummy tuck” and did not find much. This indicates to me that it isn’t much of a concern to the average healthy individual having a tummy tuck or there would be loads written about it. Your doctor or surgeon can best answer your concerns about bursting your aorta.

If you haven’t done so already, why not find a good plastic surgeon and go for a tummy tuck consultation? The consultation is fairly inexpensive or free and you can get reliable first hand answers to all of your questions and to put you at ease. Be sure to find a Good Plastic Surgeon.

Good luck.