Check Out the Tummy Tuck Alternatives First

A tummy tuck is a major surgery that cuts your skin open from hip to hip and leave a big hideous scar. This scares most people. That’s why when you think you need the surgery, the first thing you do is look at the “not so scary” tummy tuck alternatives.

Looking for tummy tuck alternatives?

Looking for tummy tuck alternatives?

Reasons To Look For Tummy Tuck Alternatives

  1. It is DANGEROUS because it is major surgery.
  2. It will leave a BIG SCAR.
  4. It is EXPENSIVE.
  5. It is PAINFUL.
  6. It has a high risk of COMPLICATIONS.

Tummy Tuck Alternatives

  1. Liposuction -Liposuction reduces the thickness of your abdominal fat, and may slightly tighten your skin. It does not remove excess skin like surgery does.
  2. Exercise – Exercise is great to help you lose weight and tone muscles but it won’t remove sagging or wrinkled skin.
  3. Mini -A mini, sometimes called a partial, removes excess skin and fat from the area below the navel and is less expensive than a full abdominoplasty but it is still major surgery. Your doctor is the only one who can tell if a mini is right for you.
  4. Thermage -Thermage is a technique that uses high frequency radio waves to stimulate the collagen production in skin. This is a non-invasive surgery with no recovery time.
  5. Skin excision -Skin excision is the surgical removal of excess skin while not touching the abdominal muscles.
  6. Endoscopic Tummy Tuck -Minimally invasive procedure with fewer side than other methods. Muscles are tightened and liposuction is performed. Endoscopic  will not tighten loose skin in the abdominal region.
  7. Natural Sculpting System – This system consists of lotion, gel, and sculpting cloths.
  8. Titan/LuxIR Tummy Tightening – Titan uses infrared light sources to tighten the skin.
  9. Skin Creams/Wrinkle Removers
  10. Shapewear -Shapewear may help in contouring the waist and stomach to provide a slimmer appearance.

Bottom Line

Do your own research on these alternatives. Ask a cosmetic surgeon about them (of course he/she is probably a little biased towards surgery). You may find an alternative that works for you (depending on your needs), but if you have excess hanging skin from weight loss like I did surgery was the only way to get rid of it.

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