My Blood Pressure Dropped After Surgery

It was interesting to see what effect my Tummy Tuck surgery had on my blood pressure (bp). Before my operation my bp averaged 125/62 with a pulse rate of 48 bpm (beats per minute). The morning of my surgery it was normal. After surgery, it was very low (see table). This drop in pressure and my increase in heart rate concerned me so I asked Donna to call the doctor’s office to inquire about it. They said it is fairly common and is probably a result of the anesthesia, medications or surgery and for me to drink plenty of fluids and to let them know if it falls further.

Before My Operation
126/60 45p

After My Operation
1 Day After: 88/49 84 pulse
2 Days: 98/54 74 pulse
3 Days: 103/56 70 pulse
4 Days: 104/56 63 pulse
5 Days: 113/58 68 pulse
6 Days: 124/52 62 pulse
7 Days: 123/56 60 pulse

It took almost one week after surgery for my blood pressure and heart rate to return to normal. Even though the doctor’s office told me not to worry I did some research to see how common it was to have low bp after surgery and what caused it.

I couldn’t find out exactly how common it was but that the possible causes for low blood pressure after surgery include the loss of blood, dehydration, anesthesia and pain medications, heart problems, allergic reactions and infections.