In order for me to proceed with my Tummy Tuck operation I had to get some medical tests performed to show that I was in good health and a “Medical Clearance for Surgery” form signed by my family doctor.


Before Operation Medical Tests Were Required For My Operation


Before surgery your need to have a physical examination done by your family doctor and  certain medical test performed to prove that you are in good enough health to have tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) plastic surgery. The tests performed are determined by your doctor and vary with gender, age, medical history and surgical procedure to be performed.


Pre-Surgery Lab Tests

  1. UA – UA stands for Urinalysis (Urine Analysis). A urine analysis is an analysis of the urine. It is a very common test that is performed by collecting a urine sample from the patient in a specimen cup. Analysis of the urine can disclose evidence of diseases and to diagnose for a urinary tract or kidney infection, diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension).

  2. CXR – Chest X-Rays are one of the most common x-ray test used to diagnose health problems. Doctors often use chest x-rays before surgery to look at the structures in the chest.

  3. EKG – Electrocardiogram. An EKG is needed to make sure your heart is in good enough shape to stand the stress of  surgery.

  4. PT-PTT – PT-PTT is a blood test for measuring how quickly your blood clots. PT stands for Prothrombin time and PTT stands for Partial Thromboplastin Time.

  5. CBC – CBC stands for Complete Blood Count. and is one of the most common types of blood tests ordered by physicians. It provides a general overview of a patients health. Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are counted in the blood sample and may indicate the presence of disease. For my pre-op CBC test I was sent to a local medical testing lab where they took blood from my arm for the analysis. There is no pain associated with a CBC, but I suggest you turn your head away when they stick the needle into your arm.

  6. Electrolytes Electrolytes (Lytes) are minerals in the human body that contain an electric charge. They are located in your urine, blood and body fluids and come from the foods that you eat and fluids that you drink. Maintaining the proper balance of electrolytes is essential for good health.

  7. Serum HCG – Serum HCG Pregnancy testing. Serum HCG is a blood test that is usually performed to see if you are pregnant or not.

  8. BS – Blood Sugar  n/a


What exams will I need Before My tummy tuck?

When you and your surgeon are ready to proceed with the tummy tuck, your surgeon will send you back to your family doctor for a physical examination to determine if you are healthy enough to undergo surgery and general anesthesia. After examinations are complete your doctor will give you a signed medical clearance form to take back to your plastic surgeon. The form indicates which medical pre-operation tests that you had performed and certifies that you are cleared for surgery and general anesthesia. Your tummy tuck pre-operation examination must be performed immediately before your surgery (within a few weeks of surgery).

Patients 40 years of age and over must have Medical Clearance from a Medical Doctor stating that you are well enough for surgery and general anesthesia. The following form can be used to simplify the process for your Doctor. (Remember your Doctor may feel that more laboratory tests are required than the minimum ones listed above.)


Medical Clearance For Surgery

Patient __________ was examined by me on __________ and is

-Cleared for surgery and general anesthesia (of (IV Sedation)
-Not cleared for surgery and general anesthesia (of (IV Sedation)

Print Physicians name __________

Physicians signature __________