Compression Garments

Compression Garments

Julia I read all pros the cons about the tummy tuck garments. But where can we find them. Which website can we go to get it. Tummy Tuck >Response - Julia, is probably one of the best places to get them. They seem to have the best variety and you can see the ratings and read reviews of others who have purchased them to make it easier to choose. Tanner

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Tummy tuck compression garments

COMPRESSION GARMENTS The surgeon puts on your first compression garment while you are still knocked out in the operating room. You wake up already wearing it strapped tightly across your body. More Compression Garment Information. What is a compression garment and what does it do? Surgical compression garments provide compression which pushes body fluids away from the skin and reduces swelling. It also helps flush potentially harmful fluids from your body which in turn reduces the risk of infection and [...]

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