The following post from our forum is from a man who is scheduled to undergo a Panniculectomy, Gynecomastia & Plication Surgery after losing 100 lbs of weight.

Date: 10/05/2011 Submitted by: MarkUpcoming Panniculectomy, Gynecomastia & Plication Surgery

Tanner – thanks for starting the forum and website. My panniculectomy, gynecomastia and plication surgery is on 10-17. Dropped 100 lbs and am now at 170 @ 54 years old. Your story was VERY helpful. Thanks so much, Mark


Date: 10/05/2011 Submitted by: Tanner

Mark, Good luck with your surgery.

Tanner – was truly inspired by your story. Am thrilled about the long term prospects of enjoying my life after surgery and the physical, medical and emotional changes that should occur. Truly another huge phase in improving my life and being able to more effectively give back to others. Now..just getting through the next few weeks…..yech!!! But….one month of discomfort in exchange for a lifetime of feelng better about myself is a pretty good trade in my mind. Thanks again. Mark

Mark, I know what you mean by “getting through the next few weeks”. Before my surgery I distinctly remember thinking to myself “Wouldn’t it be great to jump through time to a day or two after the surgery!” That way you can bypass all the anticipation and worry that happens before surgery.

At least you have all the hard stuff behind you (losing the weight, making the decision, finding a surgeon and scheduling the surgery).

You are right to anticipate the all the changes that occur after the operation. That one month of discomfort (maybe not even that long) in exchange for the next 30 or so years is a good trade-off.

I do have a question for you, if you don’t mind. I have never heard of plication surgery before and can’t find much about it on the internet. Is that Gastric Plication surgery? If so, are you having it to prevent weight gain in the future?
Thanks, Tanner

Actually the plication procedure is simply a tightening of the rectus abdominus muscle (diastasis recti) down the center of the chest/stomach that got stretched out from the weight gain. It is supposed to help with the overall feel and look of my front. Insurance considers it a purely cosmetic procedure unless they find the muscle is herniated when they go in to repair it. The surgeon tells me that it will help my gym routine and allow me to continue building a better shape. I figured that as long as the hood was open….why not repair everything in the engine! Mark

See how his surgery went.