You get a tummy tuck by first doing your home work (research) and finding out everything you can about it. If you are not scared off by the surgery or the horror stories that you read, the next step would be to find a plastic surgeon and go for a consultation. Consultations are generally inexpensive. The doctor will examine you, tell you what the surgery is all about and tell you what to expect for results. Here are the basic steps that you have to take when getting a tummy tuck.

  1. Lose weight and get down to your ideal weight.
  2. Determine if you are a suitable candidate for surgery.
  3. Exercise and get into shape. The more fit and healthier you are going into surgery the better the chances for a positive outcome.
  4. Find a good plastic surgeon.- go to several consultations.- check the doctors credentials- check out the facility where the surgery will be performed.
  5. Prepare for your surgery.- buy the supplies that you will need.- prepare your house.- make appropriate arrangements.
  6. Day of surgery – what you can expect.
  7. Recovering from surgery.