The following question from ourforum is from a woman who wants a tummy tuck but is afraid to do it because of pre-existing scars and fears of losing her belly button. She has had prior surgical complications.

Date: 10/31/2010 Submitted by: Lynn

I want a tummy very bad but I am scared to do it. I am the mother of three children and had three C-sections. Two C-sections resulted in a perforated bowel and I required two bowel surgeries. I have a very deep and wide vertical scar with three inches above my belly button which was cut through. I have had several consults and am not sure who to believe. One said he could give me a new stomach with a belly button, the other said that I would still have a two to three inch scar above my belly button and would not have a belly button. I am in the process of going for a third opinion at one of the best hospitals in Philadelphia. I am afraid of bowel perforation and scar tissue from my prior surgeries. Also, if I can’t have a tummy tuck without scars then what is the point. I know I will have one scar hip to hip which is fine but to still have a two to three inch scar above my belly button, I guess would be pointless Lynn


Date: 11/03/2010 Submitted by: Tanner


Sorry for the delay in responding to you. Wow! Tough choice to make.It sounds like you would like to get rid of the vertical scar, keep the belly button and have the tummy tuck.

From what you say getting rid of the vertical scar is probably not going to happen, but you could still have the tummy tuck and keep your belly button (pending the results from the third consultation).

From a guys point of view and assuming the amount of sagging belly skin that you have is significant I would think that
– given a choice between having a scar or excess belly skin, I’d take the scar.
– you already have the scar but a tummy tuck would still remove the unwanted belly (which would be more important to me)
– most of the time your scar would be covered with clothing.

I just posted comments about a guy who had a “fleur de lis” type of tummy tuck surgery which includes a vertical incision through and above the belly button. He had complications but is very happy with the results. You can read his commentshere if you like.

Good luck with your decision.