Tummy Tuck Belly Button

Many tummy tuck patients are unhappy with their belly buttons. Some look OK, others are elongated or out of shape or go missing completely. More Belly Button Information.

Why is my belly button so large after surgery?

Most likely from swelling. See my large ugly Belly Button following 3 days after my surgery.

Do I need to stretch out my belly button after surgery?

I was told no and that it open up naturally, however after one year I am still waiting.

How many stitches do they use?

For my Tummy Tuck there were eight visible stitches.

Why do I have a red scar around my belly button?

In my case it is just normal scarring from where they stitched in the belly button. Not very noticeable unless you look closely. After one year only half of the scar remains and is still in the fading process.

Where can I see some post tummy tuck belly button photos?

You can see mine here, but I don’t think this is typical.

What do they do with the belly button?

Simply put, they cut a ring around the old belly button, detach it from the surrounding skin and reinstall it into the newly “pulled down” skin. Read how its done.