The following question from our forum is from a man who is planning to have a tummy tuck and is wondering when is the best time to have one?

Date: 03/23/2010 Submitted by: Spaddict

Hi, One last question I wanted to ask you was did you have the operation in the winter intentionally? People around me are telling me to wait till its winter because it will easier on me comfort wise but I would like to do it in the next 3 months or so or at least as soon as my Medical Insurance can schedule me in. I was quite surprised to find out that it was covered by them as sort of a thank you for losing all the weight and saving them loads of other medical bills in the future. I had to get through some red tape but it was worth it because as you mentioned in your reasons for having a Tummy tuck its “not much of a reward from all that hard work and discipline” and I could not agree with you more and wish to close this circle already and finish the job to finally see myself as a thin and most important healthy person. Thanks again for the great website you have covered areas I would not have even thought of for good preparation before I have it. All the best.



Date: 03/23/2010 Submitted by: Tanner


I did not intentionally wait until Winter to have my tummy tuck. I was just “ready” at that time. I don’t really understand why your friends say it may be easier for you “comfort wise” but I guess that would depend on your particular living circumstances (hot days and nights, if you have air conditioning or not, etc.). Even if it would cause a little bit more discomfort, I would have probably proceeded without waiting just to get it over with and move on with my life (unless there was a medical reason to wait). Waiting would have been very hard to do.

I think that is great that your Medical Insurance will cover your tummy tuck. I sure wish mine would have but it was still worth the cost.

One suggestion – Do everything you can to prepare for your tummy tuck.(Sound like you are already doing it though).

This might not be a problem for you but one of the biggest concerns about having a tummy tuck for me was the worry and the fear of the unknown going into it. I found that by doing everything that I could to get into shape, eating nutritionally balanced meals, taking vitamins and making all the preparations that I could gave me a sense of achievement and a feeling that I was ready for it. Also, be sure to do a good job in researching your surgeon and the facility where you will have your tummy tuck. Along with being the smart thing to do it will give you a “good feeling” that you will be treated by fully trained and competent professionals and will help to give you “peace of mind” going into it. Being mentally prepared for me was very important. After it’s all over and if you have the time and if you remember I would be curious to know how it went for you. Best of luck.