Types of procedures include complete or full, partial or mini, extended and combination procedures.

1.Complete (or full) Tummy Tucks – hip to hip incision, the navel is freed from the surrounding skin, the muscle fascia wall is tightened with sutures, remaining skin and fat are tightened, the old belly button stalk is brought out through a new hole and sutured into place. Liposuction may be used. A compression garment is applied.

2.Partial/Mini Tummy Tucks – A smaller incision is made. Belly button is not detached from skin. Skin and fat of the lower abdomen are detached in a more limited fashion from the muscle fascia, excess skin removed and remaining skin is stretched down. Liposuction may be used.

3.Extended Tummy Tucks – includes a complete TT with extensions into the thighs (front and/or sides).

4.Combination procedures – combining a TT with liposuction contouring, breast reduction, breast lift, or occasionally hysterectomy.