The following question from our forum is from a man who is wondering how long it will take for tummy tuck swelling to go away completely.

Date: 09/09/2010 Submitted by: Devin

Hey bro well done on your recovery and thanks for your detailed explanation but how long did it take for your swelling to go down completely?


Date: 09/09/2010 Submitted by: Tanner


It’s hard to tell exactly how long it takes for tummy tuck swelling to go down. After your tummy tuck, your not quite sure about how much of that protruding area is swelling, extra pounds that you should have lost before the operation or what is “normal” for you after the operation. 3-5 weeks is the commonly accepted time it takes for tummy tuck swelling to go down. In my case I would have to guess my swelling went away in two to three months but I had a thigh lift as well as a tummy tuck done (way more swelling that just a tummy tuck).