The following post from our forum is from a man who had a tummy tuck 6 days ago and is concerned with all the swelling.

Date: 05/24/2011 Submitted by: MusaTummy Tuck Surgery 6 Days Ago

Hello Tanner long time no talk…I just wanted to say thank you for all the information you gave me about having surgery and to tell you I got my abdomoplasty surgery 6 days ago and it went really well….I felt nervous going into it but after I woke up I felt pretty clear headed and of course, sore. I still feel the soreness and tightness in my stomach but of course I will for another 4-6 weeks. And I took my first shower today I have to say I felt as if the stomach would be more flatter but I realize it was just really swollen and it takes time to heal as I called my doctor and they told me to give it 4-6 weeks and it will look much different. I have my first post-op appt. in a couple days and just wanted to let you know how it went! and one question too did yours look a bit swollen in the begging and how long did it take yours to swell down? Thank you so much for all the info you gave me!



Date: 05/24/2011 Submitted by: Tanner


It’s good to hear from you. I am glad that you had your abdominoplasty and that everything went well. It’s a good feeling and a sense of relief when you wake up in the recovery room and they tell you everything went well isn’t it?

As to the swelling, it’s different for every person and will depend on how fast your body heals, but 4-6 weeks sounds about right for most if not all of the swelling to go down. I think my swelling went down in about two to three months but I had a thigh lift as well so I don’t know how much of a difference that makes. It’s too bad that swelling has to occur. It would be neat to get the operation over with and see the final results immediately. Instead you have to wait and wait while looking into the mirror each day and seeing little of no perceptible change.

I do know that I weighed myself before my operation and a few days after my operation and I was expecting to see a few pounds of weight loss from the skin that they cut off. Instead, I was surprised to see a gain of about 6 pounds. That was somewhat disappointing but the gain turned out to be from all the fluids that they pumped into me (swelling) and the bandages and compression garment that I was wearing.

Now that the operation is over with (the big stressful part of the whole thing) recovery begins. It’s a slow process. Be sure to follow all of your doctors order and do not push yourself too hard. I have received a lot of emails from patients who had complications that probably could have been avoided if they would have followed the doctor’s orders better.

I would be interested to know how your recovery goes and if you have any insights or recommendations that you would like to pass on to others who are considering a tummy tuck.

Good luck.



FOLLOWUP – May 26, 2011

Yes the recovery is crazy and makes it feel SO slow haha im so anxious to see how it will look in a month! But I went to my doctor and he actually wants me to try to wear the binder over my stomach for 2 months! You’re correct on that part he was telling me it takes several months for it to fully heal but you will notice a big difference in the first month. May I ask how long did you wore you’re compression gaurment for?

And yes I herd you actually gain weight from the swelling thats what the nurse told me before my surgery did it happen to go away tho and did you’re weight drop down again?

And as far as my doctors direction I think I am following them Farley well I know he didn’t want me doing to much the only time I left my house in the last 7 days is to go see him. Any tips you have to make sure it heals great like anything to watch out for? Because I been hearing to make sure I listen and follow for the best results and I am pretty sure I am doing that. I have been gentle sitting down and standing up not to much movement but i am moving around the house to stay negative of blood clots.



I wore my compression garment continually for the first few months then only at night for the following 3 – 4 months after that (even though I didn’t have to).

I sleep on my side and It felt better sleeping with the compression garment to keep everything in place through the night (more comforting – just in case I twisted and turned in my sleep).

My weight did drop down again, but I don’t remember how long it took.

Sounds like you are being careful and doing all the right stuff.

The only other things that come to mind would be to elevate your legs while watching TV or in bed, periodically massage your legs, drink plenty of water (hydrate well) , do lots of walking, avoid prolonged sitting or standing still and flex and exercise (pump) your feet while in bed.

Good luck.



FOLLOWUP – May 30, 2011

Yeah the pain is starting to get better but its almost been 2 weeks and my stomach looks a little different if not the same…Do you think it will swell down a lot in the next 2 weeks? I am started to get a little questionable about the whole thing…


I have no idea whether you will be able to see the difference in swelling reduction in the next two weeks. That might be a little optimistic.

I do know that when I looked into the mirror every day looking for changes I didn’t see a thing. It takes a long time and is a slow process. It’s too soon to question the whole thing.

The main thing should be, is that you had excess skin before the tummy tuck and now it is gone. Getting a flat stomach like you see in those “after pictures” takes a long time and a lot of work (exercising effort). I never put the effort into getting a “washboard stomach” and therefore never achieved one. I was just happy with getting rid of all that excess skin and looking normal.

The swelling will come down on it’s own. I would suggest not checking it every day but rather taking pictures each week and recording your weight so you can do a side by side comparison rather than relying on your memory.

Best regards,


FOLLOWUP – June 2, 2011

Yes I just been too worried about it. I understand it will take take to heal and hopefully it will heal good. I’ll let you know how it’s doing in a month or so. Thank you for all you’re help I really appreciate it!