The following post from our forum is from a woman wants a tummy tuck but has existing scars in here belly area. She went to a surgeon for a consultation but her surgeon won’t perform a tummy tuck on her because the scars add complications to the surgery and increase the risk of the operation. She wants another opinion and advice.

Date: 10/17/2011 Submitted by: JackieTummy Tuck Surgeon Won’t Operate Because Of Existing Scars

I have a questions in regards to existing surgical scars. I am a 49 year old female who has three daughters, including a set of twins.

I have gone for one consultation so far and am not sure if I was very happy with the doctor.

As I have an old horizontal gall bladder scar next to my belly button, I was told by the surgeon, that he would not be able to do a full tummy tuck as when the skin would be pulled down, it would restrict the flow to this scar and could let the skin / scar die off, resulting in skin grafts etc. He was unwilling to do the surgery and after asking him if he could do a mini tuck as I have a lot of loose skin in the lower part of my belly, he grudgingly agreed to do this. I also have a vertical scar from my c section.

I am not expecting to look like a 20 year old again and am ok with some scarring as I have plenty now. I just would like a professional opinion on the risk of existing scars, and tummy tuck surgery with these. The doctor i saw had so many negative things to say, that I have reservations. I am seeing another surgeon in a few months from now. Looking forward to some answers or help.
Thank You.


Date: 10/17/2011 Submitted by: Tanner


Sorry, but I have no personal knowledge of existing scars and tummy tucks. I didn’t have that problem when I had my tummy tuck.

It sounds like your surgeon didn’t give you any good news concerning your scars, but at least he/she seems to be willing to tell you how it is, in his opinion. If the surgeon isn’t willing to perform the operation, the risk to your health and the success of the operation may be too high.

You are doing the best thing to do, getting a second opinion (and maybe even a third). Only surgeons who can see and evaluate your scars can tell you how they will effect your tummy tuck.

Sorry I couldn’t help or address your concerns better.

I will post your comments in the forum and if anyone responds with helpful information I will forward it to you.
Good luck.