The following post from our forum is from a woman who had a tummy tuck one week ago and is not starting to have pain and soreness around the incision area. Her numbness is starting to wear off.

Date: 01/19/2012 Submitted by: GisellTummy Tuck Numbness Is Wearing Off And Starting To Have Pain

I like you have had slim to no pain…. Thank god. I had a tummy tuck done a week ago. Today is day 7. I’m going in today to hopefully remove my drains. I have drained less than 25 cc for two days straight… I’m excited these drains are annoying!

Anyway… I’m a bit concerned though. Last night… Night 6. I started feeling a bit of soreness around the incision area… I coughed a few times during the day and laughed as well. This morning day 7, I also woke up feeling soreness… I thought I was doing well and now out of nowhere I have this soreness especially around my groin area.

I’m kind of freaking out here because I’ve been using Johnson and Johnson’s baby soap to shower and not antibacterial as suggested because I didn’t have any.. Which I guess is no excuse!! I finished my Rx of antibiotics 2 days ago. Could I possibly be developing an infection? It doesn’t make sense to develop this pain out of nowhere!! All I could possibly think is happening is that I’m getting my sensation back. And that’s why its a bit more painful? What do you think??
Can you please email me back.

I have to work today (from home) before my appointment and I can’t even think straight…

Thank you! Your website has been so helpful throughout this process.

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Date: 01/19/2012 Submitted by: Tanner


From what you said, it sounds like you are doing great.

My guess is that your “numbness” is wearing off and, like you said, you are getting some sensation back. (I was numb for a lot longer than you but I had a body lift too).

Pain and soreness comes with the tummy tuck for most people.

Do you see any signs of infection?

Feeling of tiredness and lack of energy that won’t go away and does not get better each day following surgery.
Fever with chills. A low-grade fever (100 F or less) is common in the days following surgery, a fever of 101 or more should be reported to the surgeon.
Loss of appetite, headache.
Hot Incision. An infected incision may feel hot to the touch.
Hardening of the incision.
Puffy or swollen appearance of the incision.
Increasing redness at the incision area or redness that won’t go away with time.
Foul smelling green, white, yellow, blood tainted, thick, chunky drainage. (take your pick)
Increase of pain or pain that won’t subside with time.
Skin Changes at the incision area. Rashes, bumps, raw looking, lumpy, ripples or swollen.

Anyway, your timing can’t be better since you have an appointment with your surgeon today. He can tell you for sure if there is anything wrong.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much though, unless you see obvious signs of an infection, and even if you do you can get treatment in a few hours.

Good luck.