The following post from our forum is from a man who is looking for more information about tummy tucks and liposuction on the chest.

Date: 06/04/2010 Submitted by: Robbie

Thanks for this Tanner… I really appreciate it! I’m down 115 pounds…and have a lot of excess skin. I’m trying to lose 10 more…and then consider the surgery end of next year. I’m interested in reaching out to the response/guy from the 5/23 post who did the liposuction on the chest… as I’m thinking of that also. Would you ask him if I could connect with him? Thanks.


Date: 06/04/2010 Submitted by: Tanner


If you like, I will forward this email (with your email address) to him. That will provide him the opportunity to contact you directly if he cares to. Let me know if you want me to do that. Best regards, Tanner

FOLLOW-UP – That would be great! I just have some questions regarding his procedure…as it sounds similar to what I’d like to do! How are you? Feeling great? Did you not have any excess skin in your chest area?

It will be up to him if he wants to contact you. I am doing fine and have had no problems. I did not have enough excess skin in my chest area to worry about. Best regards,