The following question from our forum is from a woman who has surgical drains from her tummy tuck operation that are coming out by themselves. Each movement she makes causes them to wiggle out a little bit more and she is wondering what to do if they come completely out.

Date: 06/19/2010 Submitted by: Michele

I am 10 day post op full abdominoplasty. So far so good except these drain tubes giving me fits. The right one is out to point of no more bulb suction and about 2 inches white portion of tube shows and I can see the sutures. I go Mon to doctor to take it out. Is it possible it will keep working itself out and if so how do I take care of treating the hole left behind? It seems that every movement I make is causing it to come out another half inch and pushing it back in I know is not a good idea. Michele


Date: 06/19/2010 Submitted by: Tanner


I can’t give medical advice but since you only have one day until the doctor takes it out why not try to prevent further movement by:

– covering it with your compression garment to secure it in place.
– secure it to your compression garment with a combination of tape/pins

As far as the “hole left behind”, if I remember correctly after the surgeon removed my drain tubes all he did was apply gauze and a little pressure to the hole to seep up any remaining residual fluids then covered it with new gauze and bandage. Over time it heals. I don’t remember an “open hole” ever being a problem. Good luck.


Thanks so much Tanner….actually it is the insertion point that was almost out and I could not really secure that flopping around tube without horrific pubic pain and although I did try with nylons day before…I think that was worse when going to the bathroom. Nonetheless….this tube did wiggle itself out Saturday when I stood up off the commode and doc said he would reinforce the other one Monday….although I would really like it out!!! since I have travel plans on Tuesday…..and the ‘hole’ left behind or that little slit….yes, I did just cover with a dry 4 x 4 and very little seepage and doesn’t seem to be staying in my system either….lol….so….I will be post 11 days tomorrow and normal drain tube time seems to tell us 5 to 15 days….and drainage is yellowy/clear as it should be. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. Michele