Dave HAD GASTRIC BYPASS about 2 1/2 years ago. Have a bit extra skin and fat to be removed. It has given me hernias and neuropathy. Is this procedure covered by my insurance? Also the weight gain was due to being laid up post workers comp injuries. Now having muscle problems. Tummy Tuck >Response – Dave, The hernia portion of your surgery may be covered, but that’s a question only your insurance company and your surgeon can answer. Good luck, Tanner Follow-up Email – So, are you saying Ins. wont cover a tummy tuck if its needed for health reasons? Also. can you give me an estimated cost of a tummy tuck? Thank you, Dave >Response – Dave, All I know about tummy tuck insurance and costs can be found here (insurance, costs). To find out if insurance will pay for any part of your surgery you have to ask them. Tummy tuck costs vary too much depending on your doctor, location and what you need done. To get your price, you need to go to a tummy tuck consultation with a tummy tuck surgeon. I can’t tell you. Tanner