The following post from our forum is from a man who is considering getting a tummy tuck but is worried about complications and is wondering if tattoos can hide tummy tuck scars.

Date: 03/13/2012 Submitted by: JonTattooing Over Tummy Tuck Scars

I am 56 and about to start a serious diet to lose 120 lbs. from 280lbs down to 160lbs. Just retired will have a balloon inserted in my stomach, and got a trainer/mentor to help me get fit. hope to achieve thin in one year. Of course i realize after all these years my skin will not shrink and i will need surgery to remove the excess. I see lots of complications discussed here, that’s worrying, and i am concerned about the scaring. I want it to be symmetrical and nicely contoured, in many after pics i see a lack of precision in the line of the stitching. I was also thinking that i could introduce some tattoos to help hide the scar, would appreciate any advice or comment.


Date: 03/13/2012 Submitted by: Tanner


The potential complications exist, but should be considered and put into perspective.

The complications that you see on the website are only from the people who have had problems. The tummy tuck patients who had a good experience (the majority) don’t generally write in.

The scarring matter will have to be discussed with and addressed by the surgeon that you select. I would have also liked a nice symmetrical scar, but unfortunately the resultant scar depends on your body, the type of operation, the amount and location of skin removed and your surgeon. I would suggest that you specifically tell your concerns about this with your surgeon during your initial consultation.

I don’t know about tattooing over the scar.

Good luck on your diet.