The following post from our forum is from a woman who had a tummy tuck 4 months ago and now the area above her belly button is puffy and underneath it is hard and feel swollen and bloated.

Date: 01/14/2012 Submitted by: MicheleGetting Insurance To Pay For A Tummy Tuck

I have been in such a state for the last week and was so relieved when I came across the page with your question on it. I am 4 months post op tummy tuck and was feeling great (even though my hips and thighs seem huge now) until last week. suddenly, I m able to relax my stomach muscles and my stomach that ws so flat seems distended. The area above my (disgusting) belly button is puffy and underneath it is hard as a rock and feels swollen and bloated.

I have lapband and am quite concerned that it is a hernia or I did something wrong? Any help PLEASE….


Date: 01/14/2012 Submitted by: Tanner


The first thing that I would do, would be to get a friend to take a look and give you their opinion if your stomach looks flat or distended or if you look bloated in any way.

Our appearance of ourselves are sometimes too critical or skewed especially after having cosmetic surgery and where you check yourself in the mirror several times a day. Fresh, unbiased eyes see differently than yours.

If you are very concerned that something may be wrong, the only thing to do would be to go back to your doctor. He/she is the only one that can check it out and ease your concerns.

Other things to consider:
– Sometimes after all of the numbness wears off and your body returns to “normal” the stomach area may have a tendency to relax a bit.
– Consuming too much salt or having water retention can sometimes lead to the bloated feeling.
– An exercise program may help tighten stomach muscles.

Sorry I couldn’t really help.

Good luck,