Ketsalaphone Tummy Tuck Forum; Tummy Tuck Message Board, Abdominoplasty Forum I have tummy tuck done in 2008 , 6 month later I have problem incision around my belly see to increased redness and experience increased pain around the wound harness tissue around the belly an opening in the wound. Discharge of pus thick yellowish/ greenish liquid from the incision on my belly. I feeling tired and feel lack of energy, double vision, loss of appetite, headache, fever doesn’t feel better. I keep going to emergency and doctor only give me a antibiotics (cellulitis, cephalexin) opening in the wound doesn’t healing at all. Please help I’m tired to see leaking belly. Response – Ketsalaphone, I am not sure I understand. You had your tummy tuck over 3 years ago and you still have an open wound that is infected? Sorry, but the only thing I could suggest to you would be to seek medical attention from different doctors (specialists, not emergency room doctors). Tanner Follow-up Message – Yes I have tummy tuck over 3 year go and I still having an open wound. Thank you so much that help a lot.