Drey Tummy Tuck Forum; Tummy Tuck Message Board, Abdominoplasty Forum Hi Tanner, thanks for replying. I seen my surgeon and unfortunately I lost my bellybutton. I also got it infected and was put on antibiotics. I did not see my original surgeon since I got it done in Tijuana and had no one to take me, a local surgeon took my stitches out and it seems that it was too early, causing it to get lost. Now I need to wait till the infection goes away and heal in order for them to fix it. Word of advice-stitches can stay unto a month- sadly I learned too late. Read Response – Drey, I can’t tell you what is “normal” or not but my belly button “redness” went away in about a week, never drained and never had an odor. The best thing would be is to check back with your surgeon and have him/her take a look at it. Ref Tummy Tuck Infection. Good luck. Tanner

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