Tummy Tuck Insurance

Does insurance cover tummy tucks?Not usually. A portion of the cost may be covered if there is a valid medical reason, but I understand that it is a rare occurrence. Ask your doctor if he can provide the “required medical reasons” then check with your insurance company. Consider your deductible amount and the possibility of a future rate increase (because of the operation) with your insurance company when you analyze your costs.

Generally insurance companies do not cover elective cosmetic surgery. There may be cases in which they will cover a portion of your medical costs. These include having a hernia corrected through the procedure or if you have had surgery for weight loss. Calling your insurance company should be one of the first things you do. When you call your insurance company to inquire about coverage be sure to ask them if your policy covers the cost of surgery, the cost of anesthesia and hospital costs. Also ask them if there will be an increase in your insurance premiums and if your future coverage will be affected in any way.