The following post from our forum is from a woman who had a tummy tuck 6 days ago and now has a “dent” and throbbing pain in the same area.

Date: 04/01/2012 Submitted by: TanyaDent Below Belly Button 6 Days After Tummy Tuck

Had tummy tuck 6 days ago came out that night saw lump on the left side had a collection of blood left side of my tummy the blood in the draining tube was clotting had to go back to surgery to clear blood collection lost 1 1/2 pints of blood had to have a blood transfusion came home on the Wednesday pain was not bad I have now noticed a little dent below my belly button what could it be I have a little Throbbing pain in that area I’m getting worried now I went through 2 op s don’t want anything else to go wrong going to c my plastic surgeon tis week but does any1 know what it cud be. thanx


Date: 04/01/2012 Submitted by: Tanner


I don’t think that I have heard of a little “dent” before but I wouldn’t be too concerned about it at this point, especially since it has only been 6 days and you are going back to your plastic surgeon this week.

Maybe it’s at the location of a suture beneath the skin (total guess) and with all the swelling that’s going on with your body it’s trying to hold back skin and muscle causing that dent.

Strap on the compression garment and see what the surgeon says.

Good luck,