The following post from our forum is from a woman who had a tummy tuck in Miami. Her surgeon did a terrible job and now she wants justice.

Date: 12/31/2011 Submitted by: LauraTummy Tuck Horror Story – Bad Tummy Tuck Doctor

I had a tummy tuck with a “so called” doctor in Miami. He did a scar three inches wide and fourteen long. I bearly had a belly, now I got one,I was not able to walk for four months,the seem (incision line) was wide open the very second day of my operation. He did not care, he had to do surgery on me twice, when he did the first operation he was in a hurry and I bearly had pain, I walked out of the operation room walking straight with no pain and now, six months after the operation and four months in bed, could not go to my job, could not even sit and when I walk a little, my legs are numb. That doctor should be arrested as he told me he did it on purpose cause he dislike persons like me. I have no idea what he was referring to and then he said “sue me” and I can’t. He has no insurance and works part time in two clinics that he owns. He is a crook and to this day I cant walk. There is not a single attorney that wants to take my case and well, here i am in pain. Getting shots for the pain and my story is the worst ever. That man should be arrested but he gets away with murder he knows the law. If there is an attorney that wants to take my case, please let him write to me. I sympatize with the lady of the story, but my scar is as hard as an iron belt. It does not let me walk more that a few steps. I was a fine candidate for this operation ans his nurse told me leave it to god for him to judge. I am trying to do that. Thank you! He stub me and got $4000.00 dollars for it, left me unable to walk for more than five minutes.

I left my story with the doctor already. He is a sick man and he picks on me. First time ever made fun on me in public and I was and I am a great patient and with hardly any work to be done as I was naturally flat but due to my age, the tissue was soft but there was name calling and he disfigured me on purpose and performed a cesarean, like he said because he dislike a woman that never had kids and he never asked me why.I have many members of my family that died young due to CANCER and two of my brothers suffer from austism, so he said NOW YOU HAVE A CESAREAN SCAR and a horrible one, when I was mugged $4000.00 dollars and he stub me for life and my insurance will pay for the next operation and I have to repeat the procedure. I will tell the board on him. I am looking for an attorney. I hope the law will get him. I do not seek money I seek Justice.


Date: N/A Submitted by: Tanner

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