The following post from our forum is from a man who had Panniculectomy, Gynecomastia & Plication Surgery 19 days weeks ago and is still draining.

Date: 11/04/2011 Submitted by: Mark19 Days After Surgery (Panniculectomy, Gynecomastia & Plication Surgery)

Tanner – 19 days post surgery. Feeling better every day and swelling and bruising starting to subside. Saw the surgeon again today and the single tummy drain is still in…35cc per day last two days. Have another appt for Tuesday – maybe? He drained my chest reduction area again – 65 cc left and 80 cc right. Less than half of Tuesday’s amount. Even the surgeon is surprised by my fluid amounts, but says that it sometimes happens – lucky me. Otherwise, he is extremely pleased with my healing progress. I am convinced that you and I had a similar pre-surgery experience…my gym time of 90 minutes daily certainly made me handle the recovery better. Stopped at the gym this morning for the first time to see the gang and had absolutely NO desire to lift weights or get on the stairmaster! I can wait a few more weeks! Told my surgeon all about your site and he was going to check it out so he can refer patients to it. Keep up the good work and help more people….you made a huge difference for me. Thanks. Mark


Date: 11/04/2011 Submitted by: Tanner


Thanks for the good words. Glad you’re feeling better each day. I never did care that much about the bruising figuring it would just fade
away in time (which it did). For me, it was the swelling that was frustratingly slow in going away.

I agree that exercising and getting into shape before the surgery is one of the best things you can do for a speedy recovery. Now, the thing is (after your sufficiently recovered) is to do it for the rest of your life.

It’s good that you seem to have frequent follow-up visits, as I did. I get the impression from some other tummy tuck patients that their follow-ups are few and far between and that they have to initiate the next appointment (when they have a question or something goes wrong).

Good luck on Tuesday. Maybe that last drain will finally come out and you will be free.


Follow-Up Message
IT’S OUT!!!! Finally. Three weeks since surgery and the last drain came out. FREE!!! Wow…can’t believe how good it made me feel to mentally get on to the next phase of the recovery process. I have another follow up on Friday to potentially drain a bit more fluid – but I have begun looking forward to that process. Everything seems to be going well – and so far this seems like it was a great decision. However, proper preparation and research (including this site) has been key to a smooth process. Thanks Tanner.

Response – Mark,
I’ll bet it felt good as you walked out of the surgeon’s office building. Another step closer to getting back to normal. Good luck on Friday. Tanner