The following post from our forum is from a women who needs a hernia operation and a tummy tuck. Her surgery is complicated and high risk because she smoked and recently had anesthesia from previous operations.

Date: 11/21/2011 Submitted by: RusendaNeed Hernia Repair And Tummy Tuck

I am going for a herina repair as well as a tummy tuck.I also had 2 more opperations within this year,I was told that the hernia repair n tummy tuck would be dangerous. I was also a smoker and my doctor advised me to stop so I’m on tablets that has stoped me from smoking,but I am still afraid coz I’m not sure if I’ll survive this opp because I have been smoking and my lungs are not as strong has it is suposed to be,I have 2 boys n a husband that I so dearly love I just want to get some advise on what I should do….


Date: 11/21/2011 Submitted by: Tanner


If I were you, I would get all the facts before making a decision.

You say you were told that the hernia repair operation combined with the tummy tuck surgery would be dangerous. Who told you that? Was it a doctor or just another person? Every person and all situations are different and there are varying degrees and and considerations of what is dangerous.

Since you need the hernia repair and have the history of smoking as complicating factors, I would go for another consultation with a second surgeon and even a third. See what all of them have to say about the risks and danger level.

They may tell you it’s done all the time or suggest postponing the operation until you improve your health (and lungs) with diet and exercise or have the hernia repair operation first then later having the tummy tuck operation (if it is safer to do it that way).

If the condition of your lungs are a big factor, then you may want to do everything you can to improve your lungs. Maybe daily exercises and good nutrition over time will make them stronger (ask your surgeons).

If, after you have all the facts, you find that the risks are too high and you don’t feel right about having a tummy tuck, then don’t have one. It is just a cosmetic operation compared to a needed medical surgery.

Good luck,


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Thank you for your reply its has given me a few things to think about,it was my doc that told me that this could be a 50/50 chance kind of an operation. That is why I’m so concerned. My doctor says that because I had so many operations in such a short space of time he is worried that too much of anesthetic won’t be good for my lungs n he is worried as to whether I would be on a ventilator after the operation cause my lungs would be to weak from all the anesthetic that my body has already had .I’m so afraid cause I have to do this operation and it is not cosmetic in no way ,I wish it were the case as I then would have had a choice in the matter. This is a very difficult decision as it is imperative that I have the hernia repair or the hernia could strangulate. The tummy tuck is being done coz my skin has stretched so much that it is going to hang after the hernia repair also they have to tighten my stomach muscles as they have slackened .please help me I know that every person is different in their own way n no 2 results are the same but what we all do have in common is family n no one ever wants to lose their family. I ask of you once again to please help me find a way to face this fear n to go forward with this operation. Kind regards


Sorry, I misunderstood your situation and the urgency.

I don’t know how to advise you properly.

If you have to have the operation and cannot delay it to give your body time to heal from your previous operations, then the only thing I can think of to help ease your fears is to:

1. Verify your doctor’s prognosis is correct. See if other surgeons share his 50/50 opinion. Go to other doctors.
2. Seek out and find the best surgeon who specializes in that type of operation. Look nationally. I would travel anywhere to increase my odds. Knowing that you did your homework and found the very best surgeon and facility may give you confidence to go forward.

Side thoughts: I would ask the doctors..
– How long would it take (how many months) for your lungs to recover from the prior anesthetics before it would be “safe” for another operation.
– If there was anything you could do to postpone the operation for as long as possible (like wearing compression garments and not doing anything strenuous)
– If there was anything you could do to lessen the chances of the hernia becoming strangulated.

Sorry I can’t give you any better advice.

Good luck.


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Thank you so much for the advise ,I will do as you say. I pray that I find the strength to go for this operation.

Kind regards