The following post from our forum is from a woman who had a tummy tuck 11 days ago. Her surgical drains were removed 3 days ago and the unhealed drain tube hole in her body is leaking black/brown blood.

Date: 01/22/2012 Submitted by: SheriSurgical Drain Tube Hole Leaking Black Blood After The Surgical Drains Were Removed

I am 11 days out from extended tummy tuck with lipo and full mr…one of the holes from where my drain was removed POURS out brown/ black blood each time I get up and try to do anything. I feel great other than this, no signs of fever, redness, or swelling. Everything I read on the net, never mentions anything like this. When I say POUR I mean when I get up to use the restroom or anything I have to put and tight compress on tape in down tightly then was my feet, legs, and go back and mop my trail to the restroom. Any help would be great!


Date: 01/22/2012 Submitted by: Tanner


Sounds like your drain tube is clogged.

To remove the clog I was instructed to “milk” or push the fluid in the tube towards the container by squeezing the tubing between two fingers while pushing towards the container.

More on clogged drain tubes can be found at Tummy Tuck Surgical Drains.

Another woman wrote in with a similar complaint and she unclogged hers with no problem. See Tummy Tuck Drain Tubing Leaking At Insertion Point.

Hope that helps. Let me know if that worked for you.

Good luck,


Note – If that doesn’t work if I were you I would go back to the surgeon and have him/her fix the problem. It definitely should not be doing that and if uncorrected may lead to other problems.

Follow-Up Email
my drains were removed on day 8, the hole where the drain was in place is what is pouring the brown blood, it looks just like betadine. I see my ps tomorrow thank you for your feedback. I think its very nice that you use your personal time to help others.