The following post from our forum is from a man who is looking for help in choosing a tummy tuck doctor (surgeon).

Date: 12/13/2011 Submitted by: MikellNeed Information About Tummy Tuck Doctors

I am very interested in getting a tummy tuck, i dont have much knowledge on the surgery so I am not sure of what doctors r the best, if you could help me with a list of great surgeons I would appreciate it.


Date: 12/13/2011 Submitted by: Tanner


Sorry, I can’t provide you with a list of great surgeons. It is going to take some work to find a good one in your area. All of the information and suggestions that I have to find one is on page you visited. Good luck. Tanner

Follow-up Email – R u familiar with Jonathan Saunders~im a little scared but I def want to get it done.

Response – Sorry, I am not familiar with him. Everyone who gets a tummy tuck is scared of the surgery. It just something you have to overcome. Tanner

Follow-up Email – If u don’t mind me asking r u comfortable with it and how soon after surgery were u able to go back to work~i sit @ a desk all day?

Response – No problem, My standard answer is here. Basically, if all goes well and you don’t have any complications and you heal well you could probably get by with one week off from work (plus the two weekends). I don’t know what you mean by “comfortable with it”. It’s been a few years since I had mine done, but I would guess that the answer is yes. Tanner